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"The ABC's of Life"


 "All 4 Corners"

- We must always begin with the ABC's of life.

- The A-B-C's stands for The Absolute Becomes Created. This means, what we truly are, conscious, spiritual beings takes form in the essential elements known throughout antiquity as earth, water, fire and air.

- The most important objective we have is to balance the elemental forces within ourselves.

- Earth & water are Yin, female / anabolic forces, while fire and air are Yang, male / catabolic forces.

When we have balance in our life, with both the Yin & Yang, we can confidently move forward in the direction of our dreams and legacy, while teaching and educating others how to find balance from within.


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Where it All Began


Ashton's Top Ten Health Tips!



1. Hydrate and Juice Daily.
2. Eat Fresh, Seasonal, Local & Organic
3. Drink Lemon Water Daily.
4. Move & Stretch Daily.
5. Breath Nature's Fresh Oxygen.
6. Work Your Core.
7. Eat small, well balanced meals.
8. Visualize how you want to look.
9. Rest, Recover & Heal daily.
10. Stay consistent, focused and dedicated.



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